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How successful a person is in business depends upon a whole lot of things, not least of course the amount of entrepreneurial acumen which that person has.  You cannot make a silk purse from a proverbial sow’s ear, and it’s a harsh but true fact that some people just aren’t cut out for business. But it’s also true to say that many people who do take the plunge could do a whole lot better than they do if only they had put some planning and organisation into their project before launching straight into it.  Business is one of those things which if it’s worth doing at all is worth doing properly.

The truth is that even some of the biggest and most recognisable names in private enterprise have not got where they are by themselves without needing a helping hand, or two, along the way.  Indeed the ability to delegate is one of the qualities which often separates the successful from the ultimately unsuccessful. Putting together a team is a skill all in its own right.

Often one of the most important members of your team is your own business consultant.  These are people who will possess all the knowledge and the experience of the world that you are entering into and whose own reputations depend on passing that information onto you in such a way that you are going to put it to use to maximum effect.  The quality of a business advisor is measured by their ability to get you to act upon the intelligence and know-how with which they provide you. A good consultant can quite literally make the difference between success and failure in the world of commerce.

About the Team

The team, as we call ourselves, is two twin brothers from Cheshire – Francis and Christopher – both of us with backgrounds in business and a demonstrable track record in the field.  Despite us hailing from an unassuming northern town we are proud that our reputation has led us on to big things. We have only recently returned from Las Vegas where we were called across to advise a famously high-profile client, and we are soon to be featured in a reality television show in the UK – no names no pack drill at this point, but we promise you’ll read about it here first.

Like all good teams we play to our individual strengths.  We may be twins but our skills are certainly not identical.  Francis, who moderates this blog, is technically-minded and has a flair for innovation and a mastery of gadgetry.  Christopher is by contrast a self-confessed technophobe but has a great eye for aesthetics. Between them they are like Jack Sprat and his wife, always managing to finish off the job to everyone’s satisfaction.

We are building a resource which will focus on business consultancy, its benefits and its role in commerce.  Part of that job will involve co-ordinating ideas and anecdotes from our visitors and putting it all together into a cohesive whole from which both experienced entrepreneurs and new beginners may benefit.