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Our consultancy being in its infancy and yet already chalking up successes and attracting attention from some surprising quarters, we are tempted to devote all the bandwidth available to us to singing our own praises.  But that would be wrong on so many levels. The blog, after all, is about business consultancy and all the benefits thereof, not about us. Aspiring entrepreneurs, not unreasonably, want to know how taking on some advice can assist them in their own endeavours.  So that is where our focus is going to be.

We are aware that people have different ideas about what consultancy actually is when applied to this field of activity.  The true answer is that it can be anything which serves to impart knowledge, advice or information which could help to take your project to another level of success, or to help you to understand your market.  When all is said and done the object of the exercise is to get your product or service out there onto the market, to have it seen by as many potential customers, and to pitch it so that it is attractive to potential customers and competitive within its range.  That is what success in business is all about.

We Want You to Contribute

This is why we want to know what you look for in a business advisor, and to help us to understand this we would love to have the benefit of your experiences with other consultancies, or with your ventures into the business world maybe without the help of an advisor.  Just as you can learn from your mistakes, so we can learn from them also.

Our blog is on the way up and we are already attracting more than 2,500 visitors each and every week.  By contributing to our work you will not only help us to build a useful resource for business owners such as yourself, but you will also generate links back to your own website which will help you both to increase traffic and to build search engine recognition.

Or, if you prefer, you can submit articles anonymously and we will withhold any information about your authorship.  The choice is yours.

Topics of Interest

There are as many subjects you could potentially cover as there are businesses out there in the marketplace, and our aim is to keep readers interested and coming back for more by ensuring as much variety as we are able.  As long as your article is relevant to enterprise and business consultancy, we would love to include it. Here are just a few suggestions which might possibly help you along the way:

  • Using a business consultant versus going it alone
  • Price, Quality or Value – striking the right balance
  • How can I research my market?
  • Where can I sell my product?
  • Creating awareness amongst potential clients
  • Discounts and promotions as a means of generating interest
  • Getting my product reviewed online
  • Selling my product or service abroad