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6 Strangest Business Ideas That Took Off

Part of the magic of enterprise is that its innovation and ingenuity know no bounds when it comes to devising new products and solutions for an ever more demanding global consumer base.  In technology in particular the last few years have witnessed an explosion of creativity as the big guns within the industry vie for supremacy. Often the latest invention is a natural and sometimes predictable progression from the last, but in other instances strange designs have entered the market from left field which have left us all aghast.  Here we take a look at just a few of them:

  1. The Beerbelly

The Beerbelly is a manufacturer specialising in products which enable secret imbibers to smuggle alcoholic beverages around on their person in various innocuous disguises.  The bizarre portfolio includes a flask which looks like a hairbrush, a liquor bottle which purports to be sunscreen and a bra with beverage pouch inserts and a straw for surreptitious sipping.

  1. Hired Mourners

An idea which was actually imported from the Near East, where it forms part of established tradition, the hired mourner attends the funeral of your loved one at your request and, well, mourns – despite having had absolutely no connection with nor knowledge of the deceased.  It is all done to create the appropriate ambience and, maybe, to swell the numbers.

  1. Rent-a-Chicken

Well, how else would you know whether or not you really want to keep chickens unless you give it a try?   With Rent-a-Chicken you can take them on approval, along with all the accompanying hardware for housing and looking after them, and then send them back should you realise that chicken-keeping isn’t really for you.  A similar operation in Australia is called Rent-a-Chook.


Sometimes even your best friend won’t tell you, and if you receive a cologne wipe in the post from this company then you will never know for sure at whose behest it has been sent, as absolute anonymity is assured.  But if you don’t get the message when this arrives you never will.

  1. Reserve a Place in Heaven

How anyone falls for this one is a mystery to us all but there is actually a web-based business which, incredibly, will offer you a guaranteed place beyond the pearly gates when the time comes to shed your mortal coil.  A full refund in the event of disappointment ensures that this lucrative venture will never become a dying trade.

  1. Throx – a Trio of Socks

This is a US company which sells socks.  Normal socks, everyday socks, nothing out of the ordinary – except that they come in threes!  Never again will you need to recycle a pair of socks just because one of them has sustained a hole, for a replacement is at hand.  Advertised as offering three for the price of two, customers who are heavy on their feet get a second chance with this innovative, if slightly off-the-wall piece of marketing.