Power System Services Offered in Edmonton

Whether you are testing, commissioning or servicing a low voltage, high voltage or medium voltage power system, it is always advisable to enlist the help of professional technicians. Such experts will evaluate your system, perform thorough technical inspection and testing and carry out the necessary repairs, in order to ensure that your power system is operating within or even above the outlined specifications.

Power System Services Offered in Edmonton

If you are in Edmonton, you will come across power system technicians that are known to provide a wide range of electrical and power system services. These include the installation, inspection and repair service. Their aim is to provide their business partners and customers with condition-based service strategies, which not only meets their budgetary-needs, but also adds extra safety for their plant, equipment and employees. Whether you need power transformer services, or high voltage services in Edmonton, these experts can help. Their services include:

  1. Transmission and Distribution (T&D) Service

These experts are known to offer a complete portfolio of electrical services needed to maintain a safe and effective electrical power system. Their aim is to provide their business partners, as well as customers, with continuity throughout the power-system service requirements. They accomplish this by providing customers with well-trained and certified electrical technicians, technologists and engineers who employ some of the latest test equipment, as well as expertise to enable you to analyze, optimize and ensure the power system equipment is able to perform as designed.

  1. Power Cable Testing and Termination

These power system professionals also provide medium, high and low voltage cable splicing and terminating services. Their cable terminating services entail:

  1. a) Installation of shield grounding
  2. b) Installation of termination kits
  3. c) Cutting cables to the right length
  4. d) Installation of trifurcation boots
  5. e) Re-jacketing of the exposed shielded portions
  6. f) Installation of skirts on the class-1 terminations
  7. g) Installation of lugs

These technicians are also known to provide medium, low and high voltage cable-testing services throughout western Canada. Furthermore, they always adhere to all the applicable limits and precautions. Their cable testing services include:

  1. a) Time-domain reflectometry
  2. b) AC VLF testing
  3. c) Cable locating
  4. d) DC withstand testing
  5. e) Fault locating and
  6. f) Tan Delta testing
  7. Safety

These specialists are committed to providing a safer and healthier environment at all of their operating locations. They are dedicated to correcting, identifying and preventing environmental, safety and health hazards, which could adversely affect both clients, employees and the general public. The management is always committed to ensuring that all applicable regulatory safety, environmental and health protection requirements are adhered to.

  1. PPE Testing and Re-certification

High-voltage safety equipment is important when working on live-equipment. Such equipment also requires maintenance and re-certification. With their mobile testing, these specialists are happy to introduce this type of high-voltage PPE laboratory to the electrical industry. Furthermore, it enables them to bring their testing directly to the work-site, hence eliminating the need for shipping or extended down-time for the equipment.

Other services that are offered by these experts include electrical engineering services and infrared and corona electrical scanning. The best thing is that they always adhere to the highest standards of safety and professionalism. So, if you are in need of power transformer services, or high voltage services in Edmonton, these experts have you covered.