What Can Fleet Vehicle Tracking Do for Your Business?

If your business uses fleet vehicles, you must rely on employees to transport goods from point A to point B, and it used to be that these same people provided essential information about timing, fuel usage, and the state of vehicles. These days, businesses have other options for tracking.

With the proper fleet management solutions, including appropriate software and hardware (sensors, mobile devices, etc.), you can gain access to a whole world of tracking data that allows you much greater visibility into your own operations. What can this mean for your business? Here are just a few of the benefits you’ll enjoy when you upgrade to new solutions for tracking fleet vehicles.

Plan Routes and Track Progress

The first and most important reason to upgrade to fleet management solutions is to better plan routes and track the progress of drivers in real-time with GPS capabilities. This can not only help drivers to avoid issues like construction, traffic, and inclement weather that might hold them up, but it can also give you better information for scheduling purposes, helping you to accurately plan and manage your entire operation. Route planning also provides the opportunity to optimize deliveries and utilize resources that might otherwise sit idle.

Monitor Driver Behavior

Are drivers staying on theroute and on time? If not, you’ll know immediately and you can contact them to find out why they’ve stayed or stopped, whether they needed a pit stop, they ran into some kind of road obstruction, or there was an accident or breakdown, just for example.

Are drivers behaving in a safe and responsible manner? You can receive alerts when speeding or other risky behaviors occur, and you can track infractions. Tracking solutions can not only tell you where your drivers are at any given time, but also how they’re performing.

Monitor Vehicles

You might be amazed by the vast amount of data you can track where vehicle diagnostics are concerned. You can not only track fuel usage and levels to compare against how your Quarles Fleet cards are being used, but you can also monitor engine oil and temperature, mileage, idling, ignition, and a slew of material provided by sensors.

This way you are always aware of the vehicle condition and you have the best chance to conduct needed maintenance before major hassles arise. You can even set alerts for upcoming service scheduling. All of this helps you to keep your fleet on the road, manage costs, and save money.

Boost Your Competitive Edge

Fleet vehicle tracking with appropriate software and devices can help you to keep an eye on your operations. It can give you the tools to spot and eliminate waste. It can help you to increase overall efficiency, plan effectively, and boost your profit margin. It can help you to keep customers and employees happy.

What this all amounts to, however, is a leg up over the competition. When your operation is running like a well-oiled machine (or an entire fleet of them), you have the best opportunity to optimize, grow, and outshine competitors.