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If truth be told we are both rather excited about the prospects for this blog.  It has become something of a one-stop shop for many people out there who are looking for some real insight into the design and flow of real world e-commerce and retail.  We have made it our goal to develop a thorough knowledge and understanding of our subject and we are eager to share that. With many thousands of visitors annually and many more climbing on board with each month that passes, we are in the process of creating a hub for those looking for a way forward in business which indulges their special talents for online retailing and trading.

The way we look at it is that we are providing those who have already decided to take the plunge with a potent new tool with which to approach their task.  Availing themselves of the benefit of our experience and expertise helps the owners of new businesses to avoid all the common pitfalls which we and others may have encountered when we were first involved.  It provides them with an invaluable head start – it’s called hitting the ground running.

Our plan is to develop this blog and to ensure that it becomes a functional resource that enables users to access information which can be used by them in their work, but also to leave behind anecdotes and experiences of their own which may be of some benefit to others.  It’s a two-way street. Our hope is that this will create still more interest in and generate visitors to the site, which in turn increases our attractiveness to our potential advertisers.

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With thousands of visitors to this blog each month, this in itself provides a major incentive for others to advertise with us.  But this is only half the story, because the specialist nature of the subject matter ensures that the majority of those who visit us have a particular interest in retail and e-commerce.  In other words dedicated, interested, targetted traffic.

Making this blog pay also enables us to devote the time and effort to ensuring that it is kept relevant and attractive to visitors.  This way you know that we are always looking for new ideas through which to increase usage and input, which means a wider audience for your advertising material.  

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For more information on how to advertise with Business Likeness please just fill out the form that we have reproduced below – or, if you prefer, contact us by e-mail.  Let us know how you would like your advert to look and we will work with you to put it together, making sure it will be up live and running within just a few days.

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Needless to say we do only have a limited amount of advertising space, and as this is allocated on a strictly first-come, first-served basis we would suggest that to avoid disappointment you should seek to reserve yours without any delay.